Discipline Policy

We, the staff at Small Blessings, feel that love and affection are extremely important to the emotional well being of each child. Each staff member will, in turn, cultivate a caring and responsive relationship with the child. Therefore, our disciplinary approaches will follow along these same love-centered guidelines. Our main goal in discipline is to eliminate inappropriate behavior and channel that child's inappropriate energy in acceptable actions. We realize that when an undesirable behavior is eliminated, both the teacher and the child exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be removed from the area of activity for a short period of time so s/he may regain self-control. One minute for each year of the child's age will be the guideline for the length of the "Time-Out period".

Neither the teacher nor the children will be allowed to hit or use corporal punishment, abusive language, ridicule, or harsh, humiliating, or frightening treatment, or any other kind of child abuse/neglect/exploitation. Under extreme conditions, a parent may be called to come discipline their child or take them home for the day.

Discipline will not be associated with the behavior of children in situations of resting/napping, toilet training, or food consumption. (I.E - No child will be denied rest, toilet access/change of clothes, or food as a disciplinary measure.)

Children will not be isolated without adult supervision or required to remain silent for long period of time.