Health Requirements
The State Board of Health requires that each child entering a Preschool program must have an examination by his/her physician, and must have all of the required immunizations. We provide this Health Record Form for your physician to fill out. This must be completed and returned before your child enters school. Also, please fill out and return the combination Class Trip Permission and the Authorization for Emergency Medical Care Forms.

A child cannot be admitted to the Center if he has any illness, symptoms of illness, or diseases that a physician has determined require the child to be confined to home under a physician's immediate care, or admitted to a hospital for medical care and treatment. A child cannot be admitted to the Center if he/she has any of the following illness or symptoms of illness, unless he/she has a note from the physician stating that the child poses no serious health risk to him/her self or to other children: severe pain or discomfort, acute diarrhea, vomiting, fever (oral:100+), some throat severe coughing, persistent running nose, yellow eyes, jaundiced skin red eyes with discharge, infected untreated skin patches, difficult or rapid breathing, skin rashes lasting more than one day, weeping or bleeding skin lesions that have not been treated by a physician or nurse, swollen joints, visibly enlarged lymph nodes, stiff neck, or blood in urine.